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BIZPANDO Easy Supply Chain Compliance

Supply Chain Compliance Platform

BIZPANDO is a central database to store audits in the context of Supply Chain Compliance Act (SCCA). While other SCCA services concentrate on supporting the audits only, BIZPANDO has a strategy to avoid multiple audits of a partner in the supply chain.

  • Every supplier down the supply chain is audited only once
  • Sub-suppliers do not need to disclose the identity of their furnishers
  • Free of charge for SMB suppliers
  • Central traceability of proof of compliance and audits

How it works

  • Every partner in the supply chain is audited by an independent auditor, similar to ISO 9000 audits.
  • The certificate is stored in BIZPANDO as a token
  • Dependencies in the supply chain are entered in BIZPANDO by the auditors or by the buyer for its direct suppliers

That way BIZPANDO stores a network of all valid audits and can trace for any product and vendor-buyer relationship the quality of the compliance in the supply chain