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Logosworld - Tech Advisors

Logosworld is a German "Bureau of Engineers" helping as strategy advisors for future technology.
Visual Industries 4.0 - Digital Twins

Digital Twins are replicas of real world objects in a virtual environment. 

50 Experts over 50!
After a life time leading tech projects , experienced experts have joined forces for handholding the next generation.
Evolution by Design
Evolution by Design applies the concept of self-controlling systems in evolution with patterns to design the future.
Hologramming Holistic Leadership
We use proven methods to guarantee resilient leadership in complex cloud based industry 4.0 projects.
Hologramming - Disparate Project Management
Hologramming: Governance and risk containment for Holistic Change during Digital Transformation.
EDI and Integration
Since 1995 we do EDI for all industries and run ESB for data exchange between arbitrary It systems.
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