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Independent ERP Consulting

Help to upgrade or replace your ERP

ERP systems are a core application even for small enterprises. 

SAP, Microsoft BC and INFOR are the frontrunners for bigger enterprises but there are several hundred specialized ERP alternatives.

We have the overview of the market and do regularly comparisons to compare the business requirements with the capability and costs of ownership of comparable solutions.

You may also be forced to decide whether to run a Software as a Service (SaaS) installation and pay for a subscription or installa private instance with all the flexibility.

An interesting argument may also be the peril of a vendor lock-in. Whenever it is costly and difficult to replace an ERP you may be prone to be bound to a vendor and pay its price dictate.

Every time a company needs to upgrade the ERP it is a wise decision to scrutinize the return of investment calculations and compare the TCO with possible alternatives. Especially when you run expensive solutions like SAP or Oracle it can be an opportunity to replace the current solution rather than doing an expensive upgrade.

Our teams help you by taking your requirements by our senior experts who each have decades of experience.