Professional Passions and Interests

As an analytic and mathematical mind my passion has always been to understand complex behaviour and the Synergetic of interacting systems. Finding solutions and simplifying the fabric of highly intricate tasks is my personal ambition. Do not expect me to be happy working alone or with a hand full of people: I work best when I can teach and guide large teams.

The world is my village: Since my profession allowed me over time to travel all continents I feel well prepared for leading global project that take place in many places of the world and where I will be required to work with people from many different cultures.

Technology Scouts are high in demand since day after day there are news about new inventions, trends and products. It is my personal asset to be well informed about latest trends and being sceptical enough to unmask real innovation from marketing blurb.

Marrying Technology Best Practice and Project Management is a delicate task. I take pride in being both an excellent technician and a leader of large project crews. Merging both talents creates the necessary symbiosis to bring projects to function at best possible performance.